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Sidikou interprets so it changes as as a consequence of latest ladies’ expanding rage and rage having polygamy

Sidikou interprets so it changes as as a consequence of latest ladies’ expanding rage and rage having polygamy

Throughout the years, the marchande routine has much more be an occasion to have crude and you can sex explicit insults targeted at brand new husband, his the newest girlfriend, and their household

Of the numerous social abilities variations you to penetrate Hausa and you will Songhoy-Zarma life, this new ples of one’s contestation from regional patriarchal societal methods. The brand new marchande are a great Songhoy-Zarma mock routine did because of the older wife inside an excellent polygamous relationships as a reaction to the lady partner’s previous or impending y are common practice within the Niger). When marrying a different partner, one is expected to blow his first spouse into the aches the guy causes their compliment of their the new relationship. Which cash is have a tendency to utilized by the newest elder partner to cover the brand new gatherings where marchande is performed, gatherings and this involve satirical costume, moving, and tune. Next excerpt off a good marchande tune voices the outrage of a senior wife to the her husband and his awesome the fresh wife:

Tobey tobey, [rabbit] Spray pepper inside our sight Of the Allah we’re going to squirt it back Tobey tobey, We’ll rub it on the his testicles Therefore he sets they inside the the newest wife’s eyes, Very he places they in the brand new wife’s pussy, She will not be able to bed, She’ll struggle to sit. [:196)

While you are such interpretations are considered provoking, I will suggest you to marchande musical represent a type of ritual subversion that create big pressure and contestation whenever inserted with the daily life

You to definitely anger is becoming manifested in more external and you may lead forms off ridicule to your women’s husbands as well as their brand new co-spouses (). Sidikou and shows that the brand new marchande serves as a means to possess elderly spouses to sound their discontents having polygamy whilst saying their status regarding expert for the family product. We possibly may on the other hand read through this ritualized efficiency compliment of Mikhail Bakhtin’s insight of one’s carnivalesque, when the inversion of ladder plus the temporary alleviation off societal stress try hit as a result of satirical dancing, mimicry, and you will terms of ridicule (Bakhtin 1941). In terms of inquiries off empowerment and you will complicity, Victor Turner’s interpretation of the carnivalesque shows that when you’re such as for instance routine inversions and you will transgressions manage subvert societal structures temporarily, it sooner allow people structures to go through. The guy means that such as phrases from opposition usually are consisted of so you’re able to culturally approved rooms where the stress which could if not trigger the change regarding a social program is legitimated and you may ventilated (Turner 1982).

Guys, their loved ones, in addition to their the latest brides will not sit-in marchande activities, neither would they service him or her even though it’s the fee on the elder wife that financing it. Guys together with firmly object to the coarse words that ladies explore in the ily players, both of which happen to be severe offenses within their Muslim society. Thus of several marchande performances are enacted within the remote, but still social rooms. While the messages of those slanderous shows do not slip in person into the ears of men, he is demonstrably circulated into the local community of women, even certainly one of women that could not if not build such as for instance derogatory re:56). Particularly given the boost in direct issue of males and you will polygamy in marchande sounds, We interpret that it song mode while the creating an excellent sorts of opposition that, whilst not stopping polygamy, tournaments they having increasing intensity. Additionally, it creates a separate routine room to own personal opposition one to lets people independence on deterministic perspective of an area men look. Using if not utterly taboo words attests to this intensity, due to the fact female action much more outside the bounds out-of appropriate societal choices in order to sound which critical direction with the polygamy.

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